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Latin–Japanese Sushi Fusion Restaurant | Brighton and Hove

At Tropical Sushi, we specialize in coupling the subtlety and beauty of Japanese food with a Tropical South American Fusion by using carefully sourced local ingredients.

Our dishes are just perfect for those who love experimenting with dishes that are different, who enjoy an eclectic mix of cultures, and appreciate a fine melding of contrasting flavors and textures – We offer the very best in Latin-Japanese sushi fusion cooking.

Handmade Sushi, Sushi Tacos, Poke Bowls in Brighton

Handmade Sushi, Sushi Tacos, Poke Bowls in Brighton

You’ll find both traditional and experimental dishes influenced by Japan & South America’s various regions, all available from our home in Brighton and Hove. From the melt-in-your-mouth Andrea Roll crunchy king prawn tempura, creamy spring onion & fuji sauce to the finger-licking delicious gyoza salsa experience with sesame & dragon dressing, there are more than a few crave-worthy dishes here. You’ll also find everything from the familiar tiger sushi rolls to the exotic poke bowls. Alongside our fan-favourite tasty sushi tacos… your menu choice is made a little bit harder.

Looking for something to satisfy your vegan or veggie palate? Our Japanese-Latin American fusion cuisine includes the ever-popular vegan sushi rolls, made with freshest ingredients available in Brighton and Hove. Combining healthy, organic ingredients together into small rolls of pure joy, we have everything to cater for your vegan or vegetarian needs.

Latin–Japanese Fusion is an intense intercultural exchange, expressing the diversity of flavours born from the union of two age-old civilizations. It is a cuisine whose identity is constantly being redefined and enriched, making it an exciting one to work with.

The menu is a playful and seasonal approach to Japanese cuisine, highlighting our chefs’ connections to their Venezuelan roots combined with their true passion for sushi, whilst also taking advantage of the great resources Brighton & Hove has to offer, such as ethically sustainable fish from local fishermen and the wide range of speciality products available from the city’s diverse population. We care where our food comes from and how it is produced.

We invite you to taste our recipes, engage with our team, and explore the culinary fusion of Japan and South America.


Want to take advantage of the best sushi in Brighton, without the need to travel to our restaurant? We have the solution for you. Our sushi rolls, poke bowls, tacos, and our other fantastic plates are available to order online. With a huge selection of food and drinks readily available to be delivered right to your doorstep, you can enjoy our Japanese-South American fusion food without leaving your home.

Treat yourself today: visit our menu page and get your handcrafted food delivered to your door.

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